Welcome To TRUFIBER 

A truly net-neutral way to internet.

The Internet You Deserve

The internet has allowed people to connect to the world in ways never previously thought possible. It has allowed businesses to perform at levels of efficiency never imagined. And as it constantly evolves, it is becoming an even larger part of everyday society.  

That is why we started TRUFIBER. A fiber optic internet service provider that believes the internet of things deserves a network for things.  ​


At TRUFIBER our business is built on the founding principles of Transparency, Reliability, and being User Focused, but our true passion is giving people the internet access they've longed for and TRUly deserve.


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No Annual Contract

  • No data caps.

  • Tenants can cancel any time.


No Equipment Fees

  • Equipment is free with installation.

  • No need for a router.

  • You leave everything when you move.


Amazing Speed

  • There’s fast, and then there’s TRUly fast.

  • No more suffering at peak hours.

  • The more devices the merrier.


99% Uptime

  • Fiber is more durable.

  • Our fiber is long-lasting "century-grade" infrastructure.

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Proactive Support

  • We'll know if there is an issue before you do.

  • Support is just a button push away.

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  • All traffic is equal.

  • We don’t take data without your permission.


Easy To Manage

  • Full control of your network is at your fingertips.


Community Wi-Fi

  • Get TRUly amazing Wi-Fi anywhere on your property.