As mobile devices became more prevalent traditional ISPs started to advertise their hotspots which have limited ranges, low amounts of bandwidth and broadcasted from their customer's routers. This gave, and currently gives, a negative experience for all users.  But TRUFIBER is presenting a very different solution to a growing problem with our Community Wi-Fi.
Our solution is designed to give the maximum experience to all users and best of all it will be installed at any property that is a part of the TRUFIBER Network. Whether the property is a single building or a multi-building complex our Wi-Fi solution will cover almost all of it. A renter will be able to leave their home or office and immediately jump on the community network.
   This solution will give occupants more of the freedom they are looking for and offer many benefits to all TRUFIBER partners. 

Part Of The Service

All TRUFIBER partner properties will get a full community Wi-Fi network installed as part of their service. There are no extra charges for installation or usage of the service by that site's residents.


Our partners will also have free access to use the service as needed, which can greatly enhance their amenities and management solutions. 

Greater Independence 

Our community Wi-Fi is transmitted independently rather than from our customer's routers which gives a far better experience for all users. It can also act as a backup internet source for residents in the unlikely event their unit was offline.

Properties that are a part of the TRUFIBER partnership network will be able to advertise their Wi-Fi enabled services. Residential occupants will be able to get online at the pool, gym, clubhouse, and sitting areas. And business occupants will be able to offer it to their customers or utilize it outside of their office.

Partnership Has Its Privileges

Both our partners and their residents will get free access to any TRUFIBER Community Wi-Fi. As our network grows, so will our partner's access to an amazing Wi-Fi experience.


If you are interested in becoming a partner and expanding the value of your portfolio with this service, click on the button below.