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Building Something New

We are feeling the same frustrations in dealing with the terrible experience given by internet service providers (ISP) and we simply have had enough. That is why we started TRUFIBER building a dynamic network of partners to provide an integrated experience unlike any other. We made this page specifically for The Hanover Company to show how a partnership with us can benefit your customers, your business, and your bottom line.


We invite you to read what we have to offer and to take your first step towards a brighter future by scheduling a call with us.


Truly User Focused

As a leader in the multi-family residential market, Hanover has worked hard to build an unparalleled experience for its residents and with TRUFIBER as a trusted partner, Hanover Company can enhance that experience even further.

Although there are many ways we hope to bring value to your customers, we believe the following features will be the one noticed first

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Set Up
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Ready From The Start

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Moving in to a new home is much easier with TRUFIBER. There is no schedule of an appointment, standing by for equipment to be mailed , or waiting long windows for a technician to arrive. With our preinstalled system in every unit, residents can have their network set up before they move their first box. 

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New residents are instructed to download the  TRUFIBER app.

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They create an account and scan the QR code on their modem. 

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The resident picks their Wi-Fi name and password.

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They enjoy their new home at a Hanover property.

Bringing Our A-Game

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