If you are a developer or property manager, we want to partner with you.


8 out of 10 people surveyed say a high-speed internet connection is essential in picking a place to live, and the type of internet connection provided can have a major impact on property value.

Getting fiber and our truly amazing service in your property is as easy as T-R-U (1-2-3).

1. Meet With US

Invest the time to meet with us. We will show you how our network is more eco-friendly, more secure, and more reliable.  You will learn how TRUFIBER's simple setup process and Community Wi-Fi will make your property more popular and robust. 

2. Survey

Once you understand our service, we can perform a non-invasive survey of the property. This process will ensure that we can provide fiber to your residents safely, and with as little disruption as possible.

3. Installation

Once the survey is completed we will be able to install the fiber connection and get your tenants activated.

Together we can make your properties more eco-friendly, secure, valuable, and attractive to potential tenants.

Click on the link below to contact us and get the process started.