At TRUFIBER profit, progress, and preservation are not irreconcilable objectives but are instead the combination for success. Our driving goal is to grow a sustainable business model by pushing the envelope of technological possibilities, while also improving our impact on the planet.
Both the use of our network and the network itself will help to make incremental improvements that will have lasting effects. These benefits are how TRUFIBER does its part in our collective global endeavor.

Why Fiber Is Greener

  • Fiber-optic connections can last decades when properly installed and generate much less pollution because they require fewer repairs. 


  • Fiber requires only a fraction of the energy needed to transmit the same amount of information over copper lines. Fiber can send data over a distance of 300 meters using 1 watt, versus the 3.5 watts copper needs to send that same data only 100 meters.


  • Fiber is cleaner to produce, and greatly diminishes our need to mine copper, which causes ground pollution, contributes heavy metals to water supplies, and is linked to numerous health issues.

Empowering People To Act

  • Fiber to the home is allowing more people then ever before to work remotely which reduces pollution resulting from daily commutes.  


  • Scientists and researchers are using fiber to get real-time data on changing climates, habitats, and pollution levels so they can develop better strategies for protecting the environment.   


  • Residents, businesses, and communities are using fiber to lower their carbon footprint by implementing smart-solutions that better automate and monitor utilities. 

The Future Is In Your Hands

There are many people with doubts about the future but at TRUFIBER we believe that there is no problem that can't be solved.  That is why we want to equip you with our fiber-optic infrastructure to help you face emerging challenges head-on.  Whether those challenges are environmental, economic, or social, our network will be there to support you.  

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